Maxxis UE168 Extra Tough Van Tyre

A True Kiwi Battler

This is one of those tyres that’ll put in a shift day after day, regardless of the weather or how you treat it. No frills or fancy stuff - just one tough tyre that can take the knocks and keep working

Maxxis UE168
  • All Season Tread

    The weather only matters when you have to stop and get out. When you’re on the road the tread pattern will conquer Mother Nature and whatever she throws at you.

    UE168 all season tread v2 Maxxis UE168
  • Extra Tough Sidewall

    Built to withstand the rough stuff, the sidewall can take the punishment of demanding commercial applications.

    UE168N tough sidewall v2 Maxxis UE168
  • Even Wearing

    The tread will wear square...when it does wear. It’ll deliver long lasting value and keep you stable whilst it does it.

    UE168N tread wear v2 Maxxis UE168

This is a Tough Little Fighter

Handled With Care

The continuous shoulder ribs deliver a smooth and stable ride, so you can deliver yourself and your load with care, to wherever you’re going. 

Takes The Loads

It's the strength of this tyre that has always impressed.  The jointless spiral wrapped full nylon cap, the heavy duty sidewalls…it all makes for a tyre that can take the heavy loads and big knocks.

Tyre sizes available

12" rim