Forklift & Industrial Tyres Heavy Duty for Heavy Industry

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Some jobs demand tyres of unbelievable toughness, where every ounce of rubber puts up a fight and is battle ready.  These are the tyres that welcome the rough stuff and expect to be knocked around, loaded up and battered day after day.

Feel those Muscles

These tyres come loaded up with extra tough rim guards and a heavy duty construction that’s supercharged with an extra durable tread compound. 

Feel that Grip

Tough isn’t enough.  Tyres have to have some smarts too, so our industrial and loader tyres have special tread patterns to make sure none of that strength is misplaced and traction is maintained. 

Tough by name. Tough by nature.

Our forklift tyres are designed for the hardest of work applications.

For all your Industrial and Commercial Requirements.

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