HP-M3 Bravo HP Long-Lasting Performance

Technology that drives you further.

You’ll go further thanks to the exceptional treadwear of the HP-M3 Bravo HP, which has been designed for outstanding longevity. They’ll take the heavy load of your SUV, the varied roads you travel and everything else, then keep going. It’s a reassuring return from a quality tyre.

Maxxis HP M3
  • Ongoing Comfort

    A more comfortable ride and assured handling comes from specially designed lateral tread grooves.

    HP M3 grooves Maxxis HP M3
  • Ongoing Stability

    Keeping the ride stable is a specially strengthened and continuous centre rib line. It keeps even the most top heavy SUVs balanced and secure.

    HP M3 centrerib Maxxis HP M3
  • Ongoing Performance

    One of the secrets of the Bravo’s longevity are these rigid shoulder blocks. They provide grip whilst helping prevent heat build up (the no.1 threat to a long tyre life).

    HP M3 shoulder blocks Maxxis HP M3

The Tale of the Tyre That Lasts Longer

Great in the Dry

Multiple sipes and tread grooves combine with a large contact patch area.  The rubber from the Bravo is always in contact with the road, gripping and clinging for driver control.

Great in the Wet

Your SUV will spray the water away.  U-shaped tread grooves work with wide circumferential grooves to evacuate the water away as you drive.  

Great for a Long Time

The Bravo HP comes with a UTQG 700 AA A (except where otherwise marked).  This is your independent guarantee of longevity.  

Tyre sizes available

16" rim

17" rim

18" rim

19" rim

20" rim