Maxxis CS735 Classic Highway

A Solid Choice

This is one of those tyres that does everything well. It’s a solid choice that’ll keep you safe, last a long time and deliver a comfortable ride. It’s an everyday type of tyre you can count on to perform. Day after day. A time proven pattern, now available in a fitment to suit aftermarket sizes on some classic models.

Constant Grip

An enhanced tread width pattern improves overall traction and increased handling for a reassuring level of safety in everyday driving.

Resists Hydroplaning

Four circumferential grooves force the water away from the tyre to reduce the likelihood of aquaplaning for control in the wet.  

Comfortably Quiet

For minimal tyre noise, a rib style pattern works to dampen and block annoying sound waves from reaching your ears. 

Tyre sizes available

13" rim